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The groundhog saw his shadow this week, so six more weeks of winter it is!  Winter weather wrecks havoc on the roads and our vehicles.  Tires, brakes, suspension and wiper components take the brunt of the foul road conditions.  Come by this month for a Groundhog  Special.  We will inspect your suspension, check tire tread wear, balance and rotate your tires, perform an alignment, inspect your brake system and perform a brake fluid flush, and replace your wiper blades as needed to make sure your car is ready to take on whatever Old Man Winter still has in store for us.

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It looks as though we are in for more winter, so don't get caught out in the cold.  There are things that you can check on your own to make sure your car isn't falling victim to nasty weather and winter-worn road conditions.  First, check your tires.  Make sure the tread is even all the way across the contact surface.  Uneven tire wear may be indicative of incorrect air pressure or an alignment issue.  If you find uneven wear when you check your tires, bring your vehicle into the shop for us to take a look.  ...

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